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NX Martial Arts Academy
Kids Martial Arts Coed Kickboxing Jiu-jitsu and Self Defense Budo Fit Program

Welcome To NX Martial Arts & Fitness

Our school was created in February 2005 from a desire to offer exceptional martial arts instruction and a unique training experience in the arts of Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing in Orleans, Ontario.
Our members benefit from a modern training facility, world class technical expertise, systematized progression, as well as fun and structured training sessions.

“NX Martial Arts in Orleans is just such an amazing place to train and always has such a positive atmosphere.  NX is my escape from all the stress I have during the day.”

- Will McGlennon, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student

Whether you are an experienced martial artist or just beginning, our programs will cater to your needs.  We accept new students as young as the age of 3, and up to the age of 103!

“We find that NX Martial Arts teaches self confidence, discipline and strengthens your body and mind! Great for the entire family!”

- Chantal Lafontaine, parent & BudoFit student

Martial arts training is unique and will offer you many benefits!

1. Develop self-discipline and self-confidence

2. Learn real and effective self defense skills

3. Become a fierce competitor in Jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, BJJ or MMA

4. Get in shape; look & feel great!

5. Lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle

6. Relieve stress and forget your hard day at work

7. Make friends and be part of a family!

“I have tried other kickboxing schools and they were good.  However, when it comes to the technical teaching of kickboxing, NX Martial Arts in Orleans far exceeds the others. The instructors are simply the best!”

- Raja Nadarajah, Kickboxing student